Northern Namibia TourGuided or Self-drive

Epupa Falls

11 days | 10 nights

Embark on a captivating journey on a Northern Namibia Tour filled with cultural and natural wonders. Begin in Windhoek City, where modernity harmonizes with traditional African heritage. Venture to Etosha, a wildlife paradise renowned for its abundance of majestic animals, including elephants, lions, and rhinos. Immerse yourself in the ancient traditions of the Himba people, experiencing their vibrant culture firsthand. Explore the rugged beauty of Kaokoland, a remote and untouched region inhabited by the resilient Himba and Herero communities.

Witness the awe-inspiring Epupa Falls, where the Kunene River cascades into a series of breathtaking waterfalls, creating a mesmerizing spectacle. Discover the ancient rock engravings of Twyfelfontein in Damaraland, offering insights into the rich history and artistry of the Damara people. Finally, marvel at the dramatic granite peaks of Spitzkoppe, known as the “Matterhorn of Africa,” and experience the spiritual energy of this sacred site. Join us on a journey that celebrates Namibia’s cultural heritage and pristine landscapes.


Accommodation options subject to availability.

Windhoek Khan River Lodge & Arebbusch Travel Lodge or similar

Arrive in breathtaking Windhoek staying at the Khan River Lodge and Arebbusch Travel Lodge, which offer distinct experiences for travelers. Khan River Lodge provides a tranquil escape, surrounded by nature and boasting comfortable accommodations. Arebbusch Travel Lodge, on the other hand, offers a convenient and budget-friendly stay, with a range of facilities and amenities for a comfortable visit to the capital city. Whether seeking serenity or practicality, these lodges cater to different preferences.

Taleni Etosha Village, Okaukuejo, Dolomite Camp or similar

Taleni Etosha Village, Okaukuejo, and Dolomite Camp form an enchanting trio of accommodations near Namibia’s iconic Etosha National Park. Taleni Etosha Village combines comfort and immersion in nature, while Okaukuejo offers a prime location for wildlife viewing. Dolomite Camp provides a luxurious experience with stunning views of the surrounding landscapes. Together, these lodges ensure an unforgettable safari adventure in Etosha.

Kaokoland: Opuwo Country Lodge, Epupa Tented Camp or similar

Kaokoland’s Opuwo Country Lodge and Epupa Tented Camp offer an authentic immersion into the remote and untamed beauty of Namibia’s northwestern region. Opuwo Country Lodge provides a comfortable retreat with sweeping views of the rugged landscape, while Epupa Tented Camp offers a unique glamping experience near the spectacular Epupa Falls. Together, they offer an unforgettable journey into Kaokoland’s wilderness.

Damaraland: Twyfelfontein Lodge, Grootberg Lodge, Gondwana Palmwag Lodge, Etendeka or similar

Damaraland’s Twyfelfontein Lodge, Grootberg Lodge, Gondwana Palmwag Lodge, and Etendeka provide a remarkable accommodations amidst the captivating landscapes of Namibia. Twyfelfontein Lodge showcases ancient rock art, while Grootberg Lodge offers breathtaking views from atop a plateau. Gondwana Palmwag Lodge immerses guests in a wildlife haven, and Etendeka provides a true wilderness experience. They create an unforgettable exploration of Damaraland’s wonders.

Windhoek: Etango Ranch, Gocheganas Lodge, Khan River Lodge, Arebbusch or similar

Etango Ranch, Gocheganas Lodge, Khan River Lodge, and Arebbusch offer diverse experiences for travelers exploring Windhoek, Namibia. Etango Ranch presents a peaceful retreat, while Gocheganas Lodge focuses on wellness and rejuvenation. Khan River Lodge provides a nature-filled escape, and Arebbusch offers convenient accommodations with various facilities. These lodges cater to different preferences, ensuring a pleasant stay in Windhoek.

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